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The Law Office of Maria Ahmed provides knowledgeable counsel to people seeking advice and representation in a wide range of legal matters. Dallas divorce lawyer Maria Ahmed is firmly committed to communicating clearly with clients and devising strategies that are tailored to the nuances of their circumstances. With several years of experience as a family law lawyer in Dallas and the surrounding area, she can handle complex divorce, child custody, and child support matters, often helping to craft marital agreements. Ms. Ahmed can also assist you with bringing a loved one to the U.S. through the family immigration process, with pursuing a personal injury claim after an accident, with protecting your family’s future through estate planning tools, or with navigating the mediation process.

Representation for People Seeking a Divorce or Determining Child Custody and Support

In Texas, spouses may seek a divorce based on any of several statutory grounds. In many cases, a divorce is sought due to insupportability, which is a discord or conflict of personalities that prevents any reasonable expectation of the parties’ reconciliation. This is considered a no-fault divorce, since there is no blame alleged by either party, nor will the court determine who is responsible for the dissolution. However, if one or both of the parties allege that the other is at fault for the breakdown of the marriage, other statutory grounds may be asserted that require the court to assign fault to one of the parties. These may include adultery, cruelty, mental incapacity, felony conviction, or abandonment. Separating couples with children often have concerns regarding the parenting of their children after a divorce. In Texas, conservatorship is the legal term used to define the rights and duties of parents with regard to decisions about the education, medical treatment, and general upbringing of their children. A Sole Managing Conservatorship refers to an arrangement in which only one parent has the right to make such decisions. In most cases, a Joint Managing Conservatorship is awarded, allowing parents to make these decisions together. Possession and access refer to the physical custody and visitation rights of parents with their children. A court will determine custody matters according to the best interest of the child, taking a number of factors into consideration. To ensure that your rights are adequately protected, you should enlist a Dallas divorce lawyer who can advocate for you throughout the process.

Guidance in Family Immigration Matters

Maria Ahmed helps people secure visas on behalf of their spouse, children, and other family members, as well as handling other immigration matters. Federal immigration laws generally regulate a foreign individual’s temporary or permanent residency and citizenship in the United States. The fiancé(e) of a U.S. citizen may obtain a K-1 visa to facilitate entry into the country and marry within 90 days of arrival, while the spouse of a U.S. citizen who married abroad may apply for a K-3 visa. Other relatives may be entitled to a preference classification in order to allow them to immigrate more efficiently.

Bringing a Personal Injury Claim after an Accident

The Law Office of Maria Ahmed provides dedicated representation to accident victims pursuing compensation from negligent parties. For example, people have a duty to operate their motor vehicles with reasonable care to avoid causing harm to other drivers and pedestrians. Someone who causes an accident by breaking traffic laws, texting or using a mobile device, drunk driving, or otherwise driving carelessly may be held responsible for the injuries inflicted as a result. Damages may include compensation for a victim’s property loss, lost wages, loss of future earning capacity, past and future medical expenses, pain and suffering, and more.

Crafting Estate Planning Instruments and Navigating the Probate Process

Our firm also assists clients in creating estate plans that are tailored to meet their individual needs. For most people, the process begins by executing a last will and testament and providing for the distribution of their estate. Without a valid will, a person’s property and assets will be distributed according to Texas law, which may not reflect the intentions of the decedent. Some people may also benefit from establishing a trust, which allows their families to avoid many of the issues that tend to arise during probate. A testamentary trust is typically created by the testator through his or her last will and testament, and its terms are carried out by an appointed trustee. A knowledgeable probate attorney can provide more information regarding these trusts and other legal structures used in estate planning.

Providing Capable Mediation Services

Mediation refers to an informal process used to resolve disputes between parties outside court with the help of a neutral third party, known as a mediator. In family law matters, for example, a mediator can assist spouses in mutually agreeing to custody arrangements, property distribution, and other matters that a court would otherwise decide. Ms. Ahmed is a trained mediator with experience guiding people through contentious issues and proposing realistic solutions.

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Dedicated to providing attentive and capable legal representation, Dallas family law attorney Maria Ahmed can work diligently to seek a favorable outcome on your behalf. She also can assist people who need an immigration attorney or assistance with a personal injury, estate planning, or mediation matter. Ms. Ahmed represents clients throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth region, including in Plano, Garland, Grand Prairie, Mesquite, Richardson, Carrollton, Denton, McKinney, Frisco, Allen, Desoto, Farmers Branch, Corinth, Highland Village, Little Elm, Addison, Murphy, and Princeton, as well as many other communities in Dallas, Collin, and Denton Counties. Contact the Law Office of Maria Ahmed by phone at (972) 322-3844 or through our online form to schedule a free initial consultation with a Dallas divorce attorney.